Top 5 Best Backlinks Checker Tools

Ahrefs: Backlink Checker One of the Most Powerful Backlink Checker, Ahrefs has the Second most active web crawler after Google. Which means we have the Best Backlink Database in the industry. This Tool has 16.82 Trillion Known Links, 170 Million Unique Domains and 7.13 Billion Pages Crawled Each Day. Ahrefs: Best Backlinks Checker Because it has Many Features.


  1. No Follow, Do-Follow – Backlinks
  2. Domain Rating
  3. New Backlinks
  4. Lost Backlinks
  5. Anchor Text Distribution

SEMrush: Backlink Checker is a Powerful Website Tool for Gathering Functional data on any domain’s Backlink. SEMrush Backlink Checker tool is most Popular and Also Powerful. It has 17,280,000,000 URLs Crawled Per day, 27,246,000,000,000 Total Backlinks and 1,369,000,000 Total Referring Domains, This Tool has Many Features.


  1. Backlink Comparison
  2. Follow Backlink
  3. No Follow Backlinks
  4. Frame Links
  5. Image Links
  6. TLD Zone

Alexa Backlinks Checker Tool one of the professional and very helpful Tool. Because it Has many Advanced Feature. Which Help to Grow Your Website Authority. and You Easily Analyze your competitors. Alexa Backlinks Checker has many tools. Check Competitors Backlinks, Compare Backlinks, Win More Backlinks. Use this Backlinks Checker Tool it has many good Features for You.


  1. Backlink Opportunities
  2. Backlinks Compare to another backlinks
  3. Competitor Backlinks Checker
  4. which site already link to my competitors

Link Miner Backlinks Checker is awesome and most used tool. Because it has professional look and professional tools. and also it has 9.5 Trillion Backlinks in the Database and 2.5 Trillion Unique Crawled URLs Since July 2013 Calculated. Link Miner Backlinks Checker tool has many pro and amazing features You can save your favorite backlinks. Backlinks Metrics. This is the Most Powerful Tool.


  1. Backlinks Metrics
  2. Favorite Backlinks
  3. Approved by SEO Authorities
  4. Others

Rank Signals Backlinks Checker Tool One of the Powerful and Professional Tool. This Tool (7 Years, 335 Days) and This Tool Also Trusted. It has many advanced features and also helpful for you. If You want SEO Tools to Help You Grow it has many tools, Competiton Analysis, Identify your bad links, Find broken links, Social Metrics, DoFollow and Unfollow Links, Links Signal and Metrics. This is One of the Amazing tools.


  1. UnFollow and Dofollow Links
  2. Analysis Competition
  3. Find your bad link
  4. Social Metrics
  5. Links Signal
  6. Metrics

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