How to Start a Blog and Make Money

How to Start a Blog

If You want you create a blog/website and if you want in blogging career success Follow these Steps. This is my Opinion, So Let’s Go We are Discuss these steps.

Step No 1

If You are new in blogging field and you are beginner So First I Suggest You Select a Perfect Niche for You Blog. and After Open any Keyword Researcher Tool and Analyze Category Traffic. After Analyze Search Volume. Ask You Mind and Heart For Niche Selection.

Step No 2

In this Step we are Discuss which Platform is Best For You. If You want Start A Blog and Make Money. This Platforms is best For You.

1. Blogger: This Platform Provide Hosting Free and Blogger is product of Google. That’s Free and High Security.

2. WordPress: This Platform Has Lot of Features and this platform is paid. If You have information about blogging go with this platform. This Platform was Amazing.

Note : But i Personally Suggest You. If You are new in blogging field. Use this is best for you. after 5/6 Months Go with WordPress.

Step No 3

Pick up a Top Level Domain. Example: .com, .org, .pk, .in, .io

Note: .com is best for you.

Step No 4

In this step we are discus about design and theme. Select Responsive, SEO Friendly, Mobile Friendly Themes. Please Do Not Upload Heavy themes on you blog. That’s Not Good For You Because Heavy Themes Decrease You Blog Speed.
If Your blog Speed is Down, Ranking Affect on Your Blog.

Step No 5

Write Posts very attractive and Unique. Please Don’t copy others material. That’s Not A Good Habit.

Step No 6

Promote you content on Social and Media through ads. Because that’s Good For Getting Traffic on Your Blog.

How to Make Money on Blog?

If You want you Make Money on blog/website and if you want in blogging career success Follow these Steps.

Top 5 Best Ad Networks For You Blog

Step No 1

You can Monetize you blog with (CPC = Cost Per Click) or (CPM = Click Per Mile) Ads. Contact any Trusted Ad Network and Make Money Show ads on You Blog

Step No 2

You can Monetize with you blog with Affiliate Links. Means Place Amazon Ads Product on you blog, If Visitor Buy any Product through amazon affiliate link Amazon gives Commission you.

Step No 3

You can Sell Private Ads

Step No 4

If You have a Average Traffic, You can Sell Digital Products.

Step No 5

You Can Sell Memberships Through Blog. If You have Traffic.

Note: This is My Opinion Create Your Blog Perfect and Follow Google AdSense Program Policies, Apply Your Blog For AdSense.
AdSense is a big Ad Network for Publisher in World and After Approval.
You can Make Good Money. Google AdSense Highly Rates Pay Our Publisher.
So I Suggest You Use Google AdSense For Earning.

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