Introduction to Chemistry

Chemistry is that the branch of science which deals with the properties, composition and also the structure of matter. It also deals with the changes in matter and therefore the principles which govern these changes.

Chemistry has the task of investigating the materials of which the universe is created. it’s not concerned with the forms into which they’ll be fashioned. For example: the composition and structure of rubber is of really significance as compare to the shapes into which his has been fashioned like pipes, tires and sheets etc. The materials are constantly undergoing change in nature. For Example: iron rusts, spirit evaporates quickly, coal burns, animals digest their food, plants synthesize their own food material (photosynthesis) then on. Chemistry investigates such changes – the conditions under which they occur, the new substances that are formed as their result, and therefore the energy that’s absorbed or liberated by them. Chemistry also studies the way within which similar changes is led to within the laboratory and on an outsized scale in industries. As a result of investigation along these lines, chemistry has found how metals will be extracted from their ones, how infertile fields may be made fertile, and the way the materials that are found in nature is converted into thousands of the latest substances to assist feed the race, to cure the sick and to supply such comfort to the common person.