The Period of Telephone and Computer in Pakistan

Computer and Telephone

The Period of Telephone and Computer in Pakistan

In the modern developed age of science and technology, there are many resources available few exchanging information and sending messages from one corner of the world to another. These sources and resources are called means of communication. in past, the old sources of the different signs were used for sending messages called Telegram which is now rarely used. But these signs are now also exchanged via audio aids, telephone, and television. They play a dominant role in our political and social life and trade commerce and economy of the country.



The telephone is the most important means of communication throughout the world. The telephone network consists of a microwave. satellite etc.

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. It is a machine, which sends the human voice from one place to another. This exchange today takes place through communications satellites. This process of exchange of messages has become speedy and sending messages to far-flung areas has become possible. Telephone networks modulate voice communications over these wires. A complex system of network switches maintains the telephone link between callers. Telephone networks also use microwave relay stations to send calls from place to place on the ground. Satellites are used by telephone networks to transmit telephone calls across continents and oceans. Presently the mobile telephone is being used for local countrywide and international calls. 

The Government as well as individuals and businessmen use telecommunication systems as telephone networks of cables, wires, and switching stations. The telephone is one of these systems. From the very beginning telephone facilities have been on the increase in our country. In 1949 a telephone repair center was established at Lahore which was later shifted to Kotri. Another factory was established at Haripur for manufacturing telephones. By January 2003 there were more than 3 million line-telephone and about 0.2 million mobile telephones in the country. Today all the cities of the country have been linked through microwaves radio-relay. Coaxial cable, fiber-optic cable, and cellular and satellite networks. Like every other country in the world, Pakistan has its own Nationwide dialing (NWD) system which links all its cities to one another. The telephone department of the past is a corporation today which has increased its services and improved its efficiency. The Pakistan telecommunication corporation limited (PTCL) also manages calls made from or to mobile phones. At present four mobile companies, Warid, Mobilink, Paktel, and Instaphone are operating in the country while recently PTCL has launched its own mobile service, Ufone, throughout the country.



The computer is the most important mean of communication this is used for purposes on land and space. For reserving seats the air companies use computers. Through computers, the flight schedule and other information can be known. This also helps in air traffic control. The entire flight business is run through computers. These are also used on a large scale for sending satellites in space and for achieving the various objectives. Many decisions are taken immediately and on time, which are only possible through computers. 

One of the great advantages of personal computers is that personal computers use telecommunications to provide a transmission link for the delivery of audio, video, text, software, and multimedia services. Currently, the delivery of most of these audio, video, and text services occur over an existing telephone connection using the internet.

Electronic mail or E-mail is just like sending a letter to another person through a computer. Another key attraction of the internet and a common form of computer telecommunications is E-mail, Email is a text-based message delivery system that allows information such as typed messages to be sent to a Single user. Local e-mail messages typically reach the addressee by traveling through wire-based internal networks. Other computer telecommunications technologies that businessmen frequently use include automated banking terminals and devices for credit card transactions that bill charges directly to a customer’s bank account. A Person who gets an internet connection obtains the E-mail free of charge.