History of C and C++ Languages

History of C and C++ Languages

Today we discuss the history of C and C++ History, Actually, these languages are Programming Languages. Programming Languages are these languages that only can a computer understand. C languages is an orderly language that involves a set of instructions that make various kinds of output on the Screen, the Programming language is used in computer programming to run different algorithms. Computer programming languages are used to communicate with Computer.

History of C

C/C++ Languages are programming Languages, these languages are used to communicating with Computer. C language developed in the year of 1970s and this language is founded by (Dennis Ritchie). Dennis Ritchie is a computer scientist at Bell Laboratory. C language actually developed to move the UNIX kernel Code from assembly to high-Level language. It was based on (Combined Programming Language – CPL). So this is a Short History of C Programming Language.

History of C++

C++ Programming Language is also the sister of C language, In 1998 C++ Languages was developed by Computer Scientist (Bjarne Stroustrup) at Bell Laboratory. C and C++ developed or created at the same Laboratory, C and C++ is flexible and more efficient, C++ language Provided advanced Features and Functions for Program Organization. So this is a Short History of C++ Programming Language.

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