Events in the long life of Britain’s Prince Philip

Life Event of Prince Philip

LONDON — 1921: Prince Philip is born on the Greek island of Corfu, the alone son of Prince Andrew, the younger brother of the Leader of Greece. His mom is Princess Alice of Battenberg.

1922: The family locates in France after Philip’s father is forced into exile. His uncle, the boss, is forced to abdicate when general unrest.

1928: Philip goes to England to live with his Mountbatten families— his grandfather had changed the family group name from Battenberg to Mountbatten amid anti-German sentiment when World War I.

1939: Philip enlists the Royal Navy as a cadet as World War II looms. He later works in the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Pacific and is promoted various times. He arises to the Chief in 1952, but his naval career stops shortly after because of his royal Services.

1947: Philip’s engagement to Princess Elizabeth is published in July. They married in November at Westminster Abbey. He is made the Duke of Edinburgh on his marriage day.

1948: The couple’s first child, Royal Charles, is born. He becomes to the throne 4 years later.

1950: Princess Anne is born.

1952: Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, died while she and Philip are in Africa and she fits a queen.

1956: Philip establishes the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program, which increases to more than 100 countries. It invites young characters to a series of outdoor projects designed to promote team building and fitness abilities.

1960: Prince Andrew is born.

1964: Prince Edward is born.

1982: Philip’s grandson Prince William is born to Charles and his wife Princess Diana. William becomes secondary in line to the throne later his father.

2009: Philip becomes the long Period-serving royal consort in history.

2011: At 90, Philip announces he is “winding down” his workload. He gets successful emergency treatment for an obstructed coronary artery.

2017: Philip states that he will no longer carry out public meetings due to his advanced age.

2019: The 97-year-old Philip is in a dangerous car crash near the queen’s Sandringham estate. He is not injured, but the driver of the other car suffers a damaged wrist. Philip gives up his driver’s license.

2021, Feb. 16: Philip is admitted to a London clinic where he is treated for poisoning, and later shifted to a different where he undergoes a heart system. He gives a month in hospital before being discharged on March 16.

2021, April 9: Buckingham Palace officials say Prince Philip dies at Windsor Castle.

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