How to Check Activated Packages on Jazz Sim

Today, I will share the process that helps you to know which package is activated on your Jazz SIM. How to Check Activated Packages on Jazz Sim.

How to Check Activated Packages on Jazz Sim

It is very easy to know all activated packages on Jazz Sim. Just you need to forward a blank SMS from your Jazz SIM to check the active packages on your Jazz Sim.

Jazz Telecommunication Company support is perfect compare with other sim providers.

How to Check Activated Packages

There are two methods to check all activated Plans/Packages on Jazz SIM.

Method #1: Customer Care Support

You have to call Jazz Customer Care Support, Open Your Mobile DialPad and Dial 111 and request the Jazz customer agent about the activated packages/Plans of your Jazz Sim. They will give you information to you regarding your Activated packages on your Jazz SIM.

Jazz Customer Care Service

Method #2: Send a Blank Message

Send a Blank Message to 3838 and you will get a message regarding the details of the current Packages/Plans on your Jazz SIM.

Note: You can Send Message without SIM Balance or Load.

Method of Jazz Check Activated Packages on Jazz SIM

Method#3: Download Jazz World App (Recommended)

You can Download Jazz World From PlayStore, Open Jazz World App and Register You Number. After Registration, you can get all information regarding Activated Packages, SIM Balance, Daily Balance Usage and Much More Features.

Note: This App work on Jazz Data, Free Balance Check, You can See Activated Packages without any Tax, Daily Balance usage and much more features.

Jazz World App Interface

I believe this article benefited you to check Activated Packages on your Jazz SIM. I advise to you use the Recommended method because you don’t require a balance for it.

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