DataCamp Machine Learning for Everyone Course Free

An introduction of DataCamp Machine Learning for Everyone Course Free From Coding.

Machine Learning for Everyone DataCamp Overview

What’s behind the machine learning hype? In this non-technical course, you’ll get everything you’ve been too scared to ask about machine learning. There’s no coding required. Hands-on exercises will help you get past the jargon and learn how this mysterious technology powers everything from self-driving cars to your personal Amazon shopping suggestions.

How does machine learning work, when can you use it, and what is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and machine learning? They’re all included. Gain skills in this hugely in-demand and influential field, and discover why machine learning is for everyone!

Machine Learning for Everyone Course Syllabus

  1. What is Machine Learning [FREE]
  2. Learning Deep
  3. Machine Learning Models

1. Machine Learning

Machine learning is a process of data analysis that automates scientific model building. It is a branch of AI based on the idea that systems can study from data, recognize patterns and create judgments with minimal human intervention.

2. Deep Learning

In this part, deep learning starting with neural networks. Next, we’ll take a more familiar look at two common use-cases for deep learning: computer vision and natural language processing. We’ll wrap up the course by discussing the deadlines and risks of machine learning.

3. Machine Learning Models

Now that you understand the basics of machine learning, let’s dive a tiny bit deeper. At the End of this course, you will be able to know different types and how to evaluate and improve your machine learning models.

What Will Benefits ?

Course Instructors

Sara Billen, Lis Sulmont and Hadrien Lacroix,

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