How to Earn Money from StarMaker (10-Doubts)

How to Earn Money from Star Maker

How to earn money from StarMaker is doable, but only if you are well known and gifted. Starmaker includes the option to share presents. These gifts may be given for free or at a cost. These gifts are collectible on your published covers. You can persuade other musicians and fans to provide their unpaid CDs by promoting them on social media. Please avoid requesting anyone to bring a gift for your standard sung covers as a word of caution. It could harm your reputation and result in a decline in your fan base.

How to earn money from StarMaker app?

1) Upon completion of a task on SM, you will receive a modest prize.

2) This software enables you to purchase recharges for your favorite performer with real money.

3) Give someone Rs. 20,000 in coins, and he will receive less than Rs. 300 in his wallet. He can redeem only coins worth more than $50, and obtaining 20,000 coins via SMS is a significant phenomenon. As a result, both the giver and the recipient experience disappointment. It is advisable to make a bank transfer.

4) It is called StarMaker, and is a money-making application. Additionally, this tutorial will teach you how to earn money on Starmaker. It hosts a variety of contests, with the winner being the song with the most coins. You’ll always be aware that top-ranked songs were compensated with cash and that the StarMaker received 100% of the given funds.

5) Following that, VIPs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 must be dealt with —-

6) How have you been, eh? StarMaker, on the other hand, will not bring you what you desire. What occurs? You may be requested to donate to a legitimate singer’s cause if you come across one. It’s regrettable. When it comes to voting, the wealthy have a massive advantage over the impoverished.

7) At first, it was an American application. However, it has lost its legitimacy due to the Founder’s sale to a Chinese corporation.

8) Everyone who has spent time on StarMaker has regretted wasting so much time and money than those who use other platforms to earn money and fame. As a result, it is a big categorical no to how to earn money on Starmaker.

9) Assume you invest sufficient funds to upgrade your ID to level 50 or above. They will then deactivate your account and request payment to revive it.

10) They constantly have gambling games such as Star Treasure and others running. Because skilled gamblers convert their coins to money, winning an event without collecting money is uncommon on this app. Does it narrate how to earn money in Starmaker?


I have determined that this is not the most significant area to make money. Many users want to earn money through singing, and they assume Starmaker is the right platform. But, after a conversation with various Starmaker, users expressed an interest in acquiring money via their singing and wanted to make money from Starmaker. 

Singing on other sites, such as Spotify or YouTube Music, may help you build a career and earn a decent living (How to earn money on Starmaker or any other valuable platform). If your financial situation primarily determines your singing skill, I recommend Star Maker.

I wish best of luck.

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