How to Use Telegram in Pakistan Without VPN

How to Use Telegram in Pakistan

How to Use Telegram in Pakistan? Can we run Telegram in Pakistan, Answer is Yes!.
In Oct 2017, Telegram Service was unavailable to users in Pakistan. On the date of Nov 2017, it has been completely blocked on Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) Network as per Instruction from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

What is Proxy in Telegram

If you want to use Telegram in Pakistan Without VPN, you need the proxy to continue Telegram Services. Telegram’s one feature is they support proxy servers. Proxy Servers allow users to hide their Internet Protocol (IP) address by connecting to custom proxy servers.

Can I Use VPN for Telegram ?

VPN – Virtual Private Network is also used to hide your IP Address and activity. VPN is also used to change IP and access blocked sites or apps. And also Useful for hiding, browsing activity, and personal data. Can I use Telegram through VPN? The answer is Yes. You Can Use Secure VPN, Strange VPN.

How to Use Telegram in Pakistan Without VPN?

How to Use Telegram in Pakistan, Follow these Steps

  • Open Telegram App
  • Swipe Right, and Click on Setting. (1)
  • Tap on Data & Storage. (2)
  • Click on Proxy Setting. (1)
  • Now, Click on Add Proxy. (2)
  • Choose, SOCKS5 Proxy, Set Server and Port. (3)
  • Finally, Click on Save Button. (4)

Some Final Words

II hope you will get help from this article, after applying the proxy in Telegram. You will be able to use Telegram in Pakistan Without VPN. If you have any queries about this Article you can send Text Messages on our Facebook Page.

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