How to Find Nearby WhatsApp Users

In this guide, we will discuss how to find Nearby WhatsApp users. At this time WhatsApp is Most Famous Global App. This app Active user is across Two Billion. Many Families and Children are used to using this app for chatting Globally

how to find nearby whatsapp users

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is the most popular chatting app in the world. This app is used for sending text messages and communicating with each other globally. Because WhatsApp uses the Internet to send text messages, audio calls, and video calls. The cost of Whatsapp is less than texting.

Difference between GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the Official Released version App, this version is worldwide popular. WhatsApp has 2 billion active users. GB WhatsApp is a third-party app, this version is not official but is also more popular than WhatsApp. Because it has many more advanced features than WhatsApp Official App.
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Find Nearby WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp comes with many lovely features. But in this guide, we will discuss the feature that is missing in WhatsApp. But it is not providing to find nearby users. but don’t worry I will guide you, how to find nearby WhatsApp users.

It is not impossible to find nearby WhatsApp users, Using the “Whats Tracker” app that is possible to find nearby users and trace them. Whats Tracker is free for everyone and available on the play store for android users.

Follow these Steps

  1. Installs “Whats Tracker” on your Phone
  2. After the installation process, open the app. You need to fill in some personal information
  3. After filling the required fields, you will see the homepage of this app, you have to click on the location icon
how to find nearby whatsapp users

4. After Clicking on the location icon, the Whats Tracker app will search nearby people.

how to search nearby whatsapp users

5. After waiting a short time, this app will find out nearby WhatsApp users.

how to find out nearby whatsapp users

Some Final Words

II hope you will get help from this guide. After reading this guide, you will be able to know, how can we find nearby WhatsApp users using the “Whats Tracker” App. If you have any queries about this Article you can send Text Messages on our Facebook Page.

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