How to Get Mobile Number Details (Free)

How to Get Mobile Number Details

In this guide, I will guide you on how to get mobile number details like the Owner’s Name, Address and CNIC Number. If you are worried about unknown numbers calls, you want to check who is calling me?. Believe me, this guide will help you.

What is Pak E-Services?

Pak E-Services is App, that provides the Services with information about Mobiles Numbers, driving licenses, vehicle owners, criminal records, CNIC numbers and other information to the public. This Service Also Provides free-of-Cost Number Owner’s Information about who owned the SIM to easily recognize the person. This App was Officially Available on and also available on Playstore. You may easily download from these platforms.

How to Find Mobile Number Owner Name?

The Question is How to Get Mobile Number Details. In Pak E-Servies you will easily know the SIM Number Owner Name. Simple enter the Mobile and Click on Search Button. After a few seconds, you will be the owner’s name on your screen.

Do you want to Get Mobile Number Details?

Follow these steps, you will Get Mobile Number Details for Free.

Pak E-Services App > (Milkiyat Phone Number) > Click on All Sims > Enter Number > Click on Search

  • Install App on your Android Device
  • Open the Pak E-Services App
  • Click you (Milkiyat Phone Number)
how to find mobile number owner name
  • Now, Click on the All Sims Button
  • Enter the Number in the Box Like 300******71
  • Click on the Search Button
  • After Clicking you will show the Details of the Number
Pak E-Services app

Some Final Words

II hope you will get help from this article, after using this app. You will be able to get mobile numbers details. If you have any queries about this Article you can send Text Messages on ourĀ Facebook Page.

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