How to Format Pendrive in CMD (Step by Step)

how to format pendrive in cmd

Format Pendrive in CMD

In this Guide, I will guide you. How to Format Pendrive in CMD, Using Some Commands Step by Step. After Following this Guide you will be able to format the Pendrive Using CMD.

If you want to Format the Pendrive. It is very simple to format to any Pendrive. Without CMD you can easily Format your Pendrive. But Using CMD we can easily format our USB or Pendrive. CMD is an efficient way to format the Pendrive any Restriction.

What is the use of Pendrive

Pendrive is a Small, Portable Storage Device. Using this Storage Device, we store our personal data in this Device. The main Advantage is using this storage device. We travel our data or move our data from one Device to another Device.

How to Format Pendrive in Command Prompt

  • For your Information: Please Backup your Information or Data. After Apply These Steps. Because After Formatting, you will not recover your Data or Information.
  • For your Information: If you are formatting the Pendrive, So Remember. These Eight Steps, we Performed in (Windows 10 PC).

Step 1: Type in Search Box, CMD – Command Prompt Right. Click on it and choose “Run as Administrator“.

Step 2: In the CMD, Type diskpart and Press “Enter”.

Write in CMD diskpart, you will show the disk list.

Step 3: Write list disk and press “Enter”. “You will show you Disk and Storage Devices” Example Disk 2 is my Pendrive Device.

Check List disk

Step 4: Now Write select disk 2 and “Enter”.

Select disk 2

Step 5: Write clean and wait some time.

Write clean

Step 6: Write create partition primary and “Enter”.

Create Partition Primary

Step 7: After diskpart successfully created the specified partition, type format fs=ntfs and press “Enter”.

Type the Format fs=ntfs

Step 8: Write assign, You Successfully assigned the Drive.

Write Assign in CMD

Some Final Words

I hope you will get help from this article, after reading this article. You will be able to format the USB or Flash Drive using CMD – Command Prompt. If you have any queries about this Article you can send Text Messages on our Facebook Page.

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